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<<Удачи нам с понедельника. И счастья нам - до воскресенья. И так каждую неделю!>>

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...and one day you'll wake up and realize he's not the love of your life anymore...but you'll still make coffee and pancakes, and it'll all still be alright!

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JESSICA KATOFF @jessicakatoff #poem #poetry #po...Instagram photo

You are a Friday night and I am a Sunday morning... There will eternally be Saturdays to keep us apart.

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Sunday happiness.

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When I wake up in the morning… All excuses I've ever given will be gone… This is it. It's time to change.

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Be here with me. J. Raymond #jraymond

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I am so grateful I wake up feeling full in my heart and life every day, thanks to the bread of life. :) --- -----

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Quand vous faites quelque chose de beau et que personne ne le remarque,ne soyez pas triste. Le soleil se lève chaque jour et la moitié de la terre continue à dormir.

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