There are so many fun things that can be done with yarn. Why not start with one of these Yarn Craft Ideas.

Yarn Craft Ideas

How to make string art. This is an easy string art heart, and it shows the biggest secret to making great looking string art. Complete tutorial.

How to Make String Art

Heart String Art Template by Chris and Paige: December 2015
DIY String Heart | Materials Needed: piece of wood, string, box of nails, spray paint to paint the wood, white paper to draw the heart on:

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Ombre or variegated yarn makes for beautiful string art! One problem that  I've run into though is that the yarn color changes too slowly, and as a  result, the finished piece doesn't have much variation. To solve that  issue, gather your supplies and follow these steps.  Supplies needed:     1. Variegated or Ombre yarn    2. Pegged Board: I used the heart from my String Art craft line. It       comes with the pegs set.    3. Scissors   Instructions:     1. Tie your string to the top center…

DIY: Weave an Ombre Design on a String Art Heart

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**30 Creative Diy String Art Ideas! I really want one of these. I think I know what I'm doing this weekend. Maybe next!

30 Creative Diy String Art Ideas

Amazing -- no wood or pounding used to make this string art! Tutorial on
String Art DIY Crafts Kit - Heart Decor, DIY String Art Love, DIY Kit, Crafts…

String Art DIY Crafts Kit - Heart Decor, DIY String Art Love, DIY Kit, Crafts Kit, Decor, String, Nails, Stained Wood, Pattern, Instruction