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How to remove a wallpaper border

How to remove a wallpaper border. Tips and tricks to get it down easily.

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How to Remove Wallpaper Border

Why can't i just paint over it and not care? How to Remove Wallpaper Border, going to need this for Z's room.

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My first task for redecorating my bathroom is to remove the wallpaper border. I started doing this several years ago and gave up. So now I need to find a quicker and easier way. Maybe this blog article will help. #home decor #decorating

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Remove a Wallpaper Border

Remove a Wallpaper Border Step 1.jpg

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Downstairs Guest Bathroom - DIY Home Decor Facelift Reveal!

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how to strip wallpaper... I know someone who needed this a while back... Why do they print such ugly wallpaper?? :)

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How to Remove Wallpaper: Step by Step

how to remove wallpaper. Just in Cause our new house has a lot I need to remove!!!

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Remove a Wallpaper Border

3 Ways to Remove a Wallpaper Border

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Save a Few Bucks with This Homemade Wallpaper Remover

How to Remove Wallpaper: another use for vinegar; I spent two hours trying to remove wallpaper border with DIF (which usually works well for me) and I got nothing but a mess & frustration!! This border is like it was put up with super glue and I'm the one who did it!! The warm 50/50 vinegar & water is taking it off in nice strips!

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how to take down that ugly wallpaper border. I'm probably going to need this since I've been seeing a lot of houses with wallpaper borders...

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