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Seasoning Schedule: What is seasoning? Seasoning is done during the first 3 weeks you wear your brand new corset. It is a time to slowly break in your corset so that it begins to mold and take shape to your body. Seasoning is done for the corset, not you. You should not reduce more than 2" inches down from your natural waist during seasoning. Once seasoning is complete you may wear your corset as much or as little as you like. But go slow and listen to your body.

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Corset training, also known as waist training, figure training and the more familiar tightlacing, is a method of body modification. Description from I searched for this on

Waist Training Steel Boned Corset

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When starting out waist training it is very important to start it out slow and gradually work your wearing times up as well as lacing your corset tighter over time, this is a good corset seasoning schedule to follow:

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This Is What Happens To Your Insides When You 'Waist Train

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LONG Gold Waist Training Steel Boned Corset

Wommen waist training corset. waist training corset.

Wommen waist training corset. waist training corset.

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