Blek Le Rat - трафаретное граффити. Галерея фото.

Blek Le Rat - трафаретное граффити. Галерея фото.

на самом деле телек замбирует

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how to make your own stencils

Paper Monster stencil graffiti artist

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PaperMonster's Sexy Stencil Art (6 total) - My Modern Metropolis. PaperMonster is a stencil graffiti artist who spends hours adding layers and textures to his paintings. Inspired by women who are complex and unique, his collages are stories of "women who make their own path in life yet are unstoppable no matter the hurdles they face."

#Graffiti #street Art

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FREE Frida Kahlo Stencil Printable!

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creating complex stencils how to

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I am Parth Kothekar, paper cut artist from Ahmedabad (India). It was during my experiments with graffiti stencils that the idea of paper cuts came to my mind, then I began by creating the stencils in inverse fashion. This art form made me feel more connected to my work.

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