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Curious things inventions. @Regrann from @velocaine - Meet the Bionic Runner! It brings together the functionality of a bicycle and injury-free running. The Bionic Runner was designed for you to jog as you like and used to without hurting yourself on hard surfaces. The Bionic works like an elliptical trainer on two wheels but the pedalling motions emulate natural running. Feet are placed on flat plates that have to be pushed forward this turns the back wheel. To keep the rider stable…

Как выбрать кроссовки для бега Чтобы получать от пробежек удовольствие и пользу, а не травмы и неприятные ощущения, необходимо правильно выбрать кроссовки для бега. О том, как это сделать, узнаем из новой статьи.


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Gardens to Go: Tiny Colorful Bike Planters

Take gardens with you wherever you go. Designer Colleen Jordan of Atlanta creates the planters digitally with modeling software. They’re then 3D printed out of nylon, hand-dyed and sealed. The planters come in shades of red, orange, blue and green. Jordan recommends using succulent cuttings that have just begun to root, or large air plants.


Chaise en bois massif by Riva

Handmade Wooden Electric Bike/Car Hybrid [Pics

Great looking wooden electric vehicle. 10 days from idea to reality - my kind of project


Folding Bicycle

folding bike.. I've been seeing alot of bikes that fold lately, and I love them. This ones funny.


Decorative Ways to Store Bikes Indoor Adding Unusual Accents to Interior Design


Rear Wheel Steered Bike

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Creatieve oplossing voor fietsen in de voortuin.