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Community Post: 14 Signs It's Winter And You're Texan

6. Going to the beach/lake/river/pool in late November is normal. | 14 Signs It's Winter And You're Texan

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25 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In Texas

No matter how hot or humid it is, I still love Texas especially Austin. :)

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Bahahahahahahaha.....what can I say....I'm a rebel...

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I know & I know you'll only do it once in a lifetime! I can still remember my once in a lifetime. Think about it!

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texas humor | Texas humor. | Texas Thang This could be said for Southern Calif too

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I seriously though it was Waterburger until I was 12 and my Meme made me look it up in the phone book!

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27 Things People Who Went To High School In Texas Will Understand

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Oh yes. Especially the Houston speed limit one, also passing on the right side of the road and making your own "get off" on 290...

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