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NASA Researchers Find This Therapy Significantly Reduces Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Red light therapy benefits - Dr. Axe #health #holistic #natural

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Infrared Sauna Treatment: Are the Claims Backed Up

Who should use an infrared sauna? - Dr. Axe

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List of proven benefits of red light therapy!

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Red light therapy is a natural, alternative therapy with a long list of benefits and no known adverse side effects. To put it very simply, red light therapy is the practice of shining red light on yourself in a prescribed Read More

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Our handy inforgraphic shows all the uses of red light therapy. Visit:

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I love getting in this healthy warm bed of red lights that treat so much

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Red light therapy affects ATP. Increasing vibration level in a cell with red light is like jump starting a dead car battery; it accelerates the mitochondria within the cell, which increases ATP production. ATP sends signals to the brain so the brain releases endorphins, anti-inflammatories, serotonin, and more.

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Red Light Therapy Devices. Want to find the best red light therapy devices? The best for skin care purposes and pain relief, in order of rating

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Red light therapy for weight loss-Shed That Extra Weight With Red Light Therapy

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Is Red Light Therapy safe?

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