Warm Color Schemes: Create a designer color palette starring red, yellow, and orange hues from the warm side of the color wheel. Debra Wittrup. Country French Color Scheme: Persimmon + Yellow. In this breakfast room, dollops of persimmon and yellow enliven the neutral palette. A vintage black French secretary gets an interior update with warm orange paint, as does the chandelier over the table. Orange-red fabric on window shades, chair cushions, and banquette pillows bring in more color…

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burgundy + beige = relaxing color scheme. vibrantly hued funishings atop a seagrass rug in living room. chair fabric = white wool on front, colorful pattern on back. same pattern appears in pillows on sofa. softly patterned curtains take fabric to ceiling heights, drawing eye to wide barrel vault

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Saturated Color Scheme: Wine + Tan. Wine-red walls warm up a basement family room to counteract the inherent coolness of an underground living space. Neutral furnishings, dotted with red pillows and accessories, offset the deep hue. To make low basement ceilings feel taller, keep them white, if possible, and hang a row of framed artwork relatively low.

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Make Over Kitchen Color Before color was added to this kitchen, it was safe and serviceable but lacked pop. With a fiery red wall and windows accented with patterened roman shades, the room grabs your attention. The color scheme comes full circle with red knobs on the island and matching shades on the pair of chandeliers.

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Теплые и холодные оттенки желтого цвета

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теплые оттенки серого цвета - Поиск в Google

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лавандовый цвет сочетание с другими цветами: 21 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

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названия цветов и оттенков: 16 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

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Теплые и холодные оттенки голубого цвета

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Сочетание цветов в интерьере. Таблица и примеры - Сундук идей для вашего дома - интерьеры, дома, дизайнерские вещи для дома

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