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38 Drunk Texts You Wish You Got

dog text or friends text... ?????

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8 Hilarious Text Message Conversations with Dogs

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What Lucy would say if she could talk

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I wish I had a dog that could text.

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If Dogs Could Text The Conversations Would Be Like This (10 Photos)

pet conversations texting with its owner | batdog BUT squirrels intimidate me!

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Texts from Dog - The Book: Pre-Order Now for Holiday Gifts

Texts from Dog ~ I don't normally find these all that funny but I just about died!!

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I love Texts from Dog. Love them.

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20+ Hilarious Texts From Your Dog

dog text 6

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If Your Dog Could Text, He Would Probably Send You Messages Like These - Not sure why, but this made me truly LOL...for awhile.

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Text From Dog

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