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The glasses Ted Bundy wore as a disguise after his composite sketch was released. Huge Christmas sale! Save up to 60% off your magazine subscription:


Самые громкие преступления и процессы 20 века "Тед Банди. Серийный убийца" - 6 Марта 2016 - SP Leģions. Рига. Охрана объектов, услуги детектива - Рижский информационный портал. Работа, недвижимость.

10 Horrifying Serial Killers

Ted Bundy was a good-looking guy, and seemed very friendly and charismatic. However, behind his handsome face lurked the twisted mind of a serial killer, and between the years of 1974 and 1978 Bundy kidnapped and murdered 30 young women in the U.S. Those were just the women we know of; experts agree that he could have been responsible for up to forty disappearances and murders to which he didn't confess


Robert Lee Yates has been convicted of 16 murders in Washington state. Yates would pick up prostitutes in his 1979 Ford van, have sex and often drugs, and then murder the prostitutes. In Spokane County he gave information on 13 murders to avoid the death penalty. The judge gave him 408 years. One of his victims, a prostitute who he shot, survived, and thru DNA he was convicted in Pierce County (Tacoma) of two more murders. He is currently sitting in death row at the Walla Wall prison.


John Lennon's killer Mark David Chapman denied parole for SEVENTH time (but at least now he'll get those conjugal visits)

'I felt that by killing John Lennon I would become somebody and instead of that I became a murderer and murderers are not somebodies.' -Mark David Chapman


Carl Panzram was a lifelong prisoner and a hate-filled serial killer. Brutalized in and out of various U.S. state prisons during 20th century America, Panzram unleashed a rampage of revenge that resulted in over 20 murders and countless acts of violent sodomy. A single act of kindness, by prison guard Henry Lesser, sparked a friendship that eventually influenced Panzram to write his autobiography. In 1930, Panzram was hanged for killing a laundry foreman at Leavenworth prison.


Richard Speck captured the nation's attention during the summer of 1966 after murdering eight female students who lived together on Chicago's South Side. Before then, he had been responsible for other acts of violence against his family and others but had a knack for escaping the police. After his killing spree in 1966, a manhunt ensued and he was captured two days later. He spent the rest of his life in prison until he died of a heart attack in 1991 at age 49.


A chilling photograph of the blood-stained room where 8 student nurses were held, raped and murdered, one by one, by Richard Speck in 1966. Huge Christmas sale! Save up to 60% off your magazine subscription:


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Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold #columbine