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Colt 1911 arma patentes - patentes de impresión, decoración de la pared, arte de arma, arma de fuego arte

Colt 1911 arma patentes patentes de impresión por PatentsAsPrints

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Gun, limited edition 6 of 8 Photography by Hervé Perdriel

Hervé Perdriel; Photography, "Gun" #art

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Police Bulldog - 38 Special - Minimalist Art Print - Digital Download

Gun Art Police Bulldog Bang Splat Minimalist by MinimalDigital

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This design uses the figure-ground relationship principle by creating the shape of a hand gun with the silhouette of a face with a finger to its lips; whispering.

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AR 15 Patent Print, AR 15 Gun, Gun Art, Military Art, M16, PP0704

AR 15 Patent Print AR 15 Gun Gun Art Military Art by PatentPrints

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Colt Paterson Patent Poster, Pistol, Revolver, Gun Enthusiast, Gun Art, PP0409

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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Love Guns Rustic Wooden Sign 2nd Amendment Wood by WCbyBettina

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Beautiful depiction of city toxins killing our beautiful planet.- meredith

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Roy Lichtenstein Pistol felt banner 1964 felt banner 82¼ x 42¾ in. (208.9 x 108.6 cm.) This work is from an edition of twenty plus one artist's proof Edition ed.20

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Exploded Gun Art Print

iA drawing of a exploded view of a SW revolver, done as cover art for one of my comics in ink and brush. The washes applied over a copy. A lot of gun lovers like this, and that's ok. I'm a pacifist and I've used guns a few times. I understand the attraction and the fear both. But I also did this in the context of a story, as a analogy for deconstructing violence and ethics and assault. And the sexness and horriblness of machines. And because i like diagrams.

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