"Fearless" in French - Intrepid (brave) in English

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It just started snowing in New York. I don’t mind since I’m leaving for the Caribbean tomorrow. I also feel like the snow will be a lovely cleanse for the new year. I want everything to be white and clean just like a blanket of now. According to Sensational Color, the color white aids mental […]

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French Words — Toi et moi | You and I | /twa e mwa/

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Love the placement. french word tattoo designs - Google Search

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"Style shouldn't be written off as superficial. It's vitality, an assertion of life, an intuitive...

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To infinity and beyond.

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“Maintenant ou jamais | Now or never | /mɛ̃t.nɑ̃ u ʒa.mɛ/”

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Dreamer (French)

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"aspirer. expirer." (Breathe in. Breathe out.) French quote tattoo. Handwritten script font.

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Free as a bird | French words

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