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Next tattoo: magpies

" old coyote in the sky...." sung by Ian Tyson

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Magpie Illustration by Claudine O'Sullivan. Signed Gesson Print to buy from #jamartfactory #jamartprints #irishdesign

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My own tattoo design of two magpies

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kirsten works at wonderland tattoo in portland, oregon. she is currently booked through march of...

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La pie; l'intelligence, la débrouillardise, la réalisation.

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Rik Lee...want something very close to this next. Can't freaking wait.

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Pie bavarde / The European Magpie is an infamous thief known to steal shiny objects such as gold and jewels. It is also considered one of the smartest animals on the planet and is the only non-mammal able to recognize itself in a mirror

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INKWEAR Magpie Tattoo ($3.23) found on Polyvore

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