This is Van Gogh's self-portrait in the Art Institute of Chicago.  No photograph does justice to it because of it's marvelous texture and luminosity.  When I saw it in person, it literally brought tears to my eyes.
Self Portraits After Kehinde Wiley

Self Portraits After Kehinde Wiley

Sir Kyffin Williams' portrait of his close friend Thomas Jones from Anglesey

Welsh art goes under the hammer at London auction

Peggy Olson from Mad Men Art Print

Peggy Olson from Mad Men Art Print

Kern Alexander Study I, 2011 By Kehinde Wiley. Love the way this artist paints portraits of urban men in classic scenes.
Maurizio Anzeri featured in Dazed and Confused  June 2011. Um. I'm going to start experimenting.

The Embroidered Secrets of Maurizio Anzeri

Vikings on History Channel - Ragnar character
Annegret Soltau: Self Portrait Coined by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso, the term ‘collage’ points towards a medium simultaneously serious and tongue-in-cheek; a technique that is deeply referential of the political world in which the works were produced. Via the assemblage of different objects and images, collage interrogates the fundamental concept of what it is to create art, whilst offering a prismatic reflection of the social change and upheaval of the twentieth century.

Top 10 Collage Artists: Hannah Höch to Man Ray

Resultado de imagen de fotos  el paciente ingles