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25 Fabulous Rib Tattoo Ideas for Girls

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Miles of script on the ribs. I recently cut my word limit to 5 to 7 words because I just hate the way these look with more words. Please bring me cool pictures to tattoo on your ribs. I don't want to make you into a Hallmark card.

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This spot but I would just have the word "blessed" to remind me every day how blessed I am to be on this wonderful earth and have such an incredible life. I want this tattoo to always remind me to help others in need because I really am so fortunate.

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Ribs Quote. I like this placement, if I were to ever get one. It might say "Believe" or something. I have a strong connection to that word.

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Placement // 25 Attractive Rib Tattoo Designs

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50 Hot Rib Tattoos for Women and Girls (1)

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Thursday Randoms.

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Little ribs tattoo saying “live”.

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Humming bird rib tattoo - I would have it in different color, like purple perhaps. #TattooModels #tattoo

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tattoo ideas for women with meaningful quotes - Google Search

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