Tiger stripes tat
Tiger Stripe Tattoo Designs - I'd get these over stretch marks after giving birth to my kids
My 2nd tattoo : Tiger stripes and leopard spots <3
I dnt have stretch marks but this is a really cool and cute way to hide stretch marks from babies...incorporate them into the scratches
Make mine tiger stripes
tiger stripe tattoo over stretch marks - Google Search
Tiger Stripe Tattoo Meaning tiger stripe tattoo tattoos pinterest ...
very interesting tiger skin tattoo. I think it would look much better on lighter skin; he should have done it on his inner arm to show some orange.
This. But with a white tiger print. I'd worry about color fade over time though- might lose some of it's depth.
Watercolour tiger stripes at Kate Usher Studio today...
How to Make Tiger Stripe Patterns

How to Make Tiger Stripe Patterns

I like this a lot... I would change it a little bit to make it more realistic but I do love the idea
Yea I like this idea for a tattoo(: and have it go around my hip tattoo
Petra H Hlavackova
A superb design for a tattoo that shows the instinctive and intuitive nature of women is animal prints like leopard or owl. Description from tattoosprint.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images