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Many of the traditional dance steps are used in both hula kahiko and hula auana.

Demystifying Hula: The Evolution Of Hawaiian Dance

Tahitian dance for life ...even if is's just at home!
Tahitian dancing
I miss dancing, and hopefully someday, I'll have more free time to get back into it. And when the day comes, I'll have the ENERGY to lose myself to the music :)
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No Te Here O Te Hiroa in Papeete, Tahiti.
Beautiful, would be a nice swim suit!
Heivā Festival in July; a popular celebration of Tahitian culture, dance, music and sports. This iconic event takes place over three weeks and is one of the best ways to taste, hear and see the strong Polynesian culture through traditional dance, costume, and music.  http://www.luxetravel.com/destinations/asia-south-pacific/french-polynesia/#
TAHITI | On a cruise in French Polynesia, this little Tahitian dancer came onboard to perform with a dance troupe. She captured our hearts!

Tahitian dancers, and a special little dancing girl

Demystifying Hula #Infographic #Entertainment #Music

Demystifying Hula #Infographic