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Sammy. ♡ I honestly kinda miss his purple hair. /:

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Sam Pottorff and Kian Lawley, dressed up for the Trouble music video go watch it

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He's amazing! Thanks for making my life so much more enjoyable Sam. What hurts the most is that he'll never know I exist and how much he means to me, but I just want to thank him, for just making me smile :) ~Seryn :) xxx

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sam.pottorff.sam.pottorff.sam.pottorff. sam.pottorff.sam.pottorff.sam.pottorff. sam.pottorff.sam.pottorff.sam.pottorff.

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photo_7.jpg Sam Pottorff

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Sam Pottorff #hishairtho

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jccaylen sampottorff trevormoran

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Kian & Jc on

Feat. Sam Pottorff & Kian Lawley

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Sam pottorff....... He is not Gay!!!!! But this is funny. He kissed his best friend on accident.

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