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Сьюзен Энтони

Мужчинам — их права, и не больше того; женщинам — их права, и не меньше того. Сьюзен Энтони

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Susan B. Anthony, Women's Rights Activist

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June 18, 1873: Susan B. Anthony fined for voting. Five years earlier, the US adopted the 14th Amendment, which gave full citizenship rights to "all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof." Anthony took it at its word, and voted in the national election. She and 14 other female voters were arrested, along with the officials who allowed them to vote. Anthony was fined $100 plus the cost of the trial. She never paid the fine.

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An entry from smatterings of an aesthetic

Susan B. Anthony (1872). Said in 1872 - still all too true today - please remember when voting next week!

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17 Photos of History's Most Rebellious Women

Great list, I think looking into the life of even one of these women would do so much for ANYONE, but women and girls in particular.

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Why Women Bring Their 'I Voted' Stickers to Susan B. Anthony's Grave

Why Women Bring Their 'I Voted' Stickers to Susan B. Anthony's Grave. It's a small tribute to a big leader in women's suffrage

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Must-Read for Women’s History Month: The Writings of Two Early American Feminists

Must-read for Women's History Month: The writings of two early American feminists It's the anniversary of Susan B. Anthony's arrest for illegally voting!

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11/5/1872 - Suffragist Susan B. Anthony was fined $100 for attempting to vote in a presidential election.

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Susan B. Anthony on not trusting leadership

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Susan B. Anthony was a prominent American civil rights leader who played a pivotal role in the 19th century women's rights movement to introduce women's suffrage into the United States.

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