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Hadrian's Wall - The most popular tourist attraction in Northern England sungsun Choi - Google+

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40 mapas que te explican el Imperio Romano

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4 Day Itinerary for the Hadrian's Wall Walk

Tackle the Hadrian's Wall walk with this 4-day 40 mile itinerary. It's a "best of" itinerary with practical tips for having a great walk.:

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THIS would be a great place for a walk eh? Dm. Hiking the Hadrian's Wall Path, England.

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Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland, UK by vivienne60

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Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland, Northern England, UK. Go to or just click on photo for home videos and much more on sites like this.

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Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland - "Long before there were Englishmen and Scotsmen, long before they had their own subjects of contention and violence, long before there were Elliots or Fenwicks or Armstrongs or Ridleys, the frontier had been made, the line drawn." (fm "The Steel Bonnets - George McDonald Fraser)

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Frontiers of The Roman Empire, Hadrian's Wall, England More

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Hadrian's Wall, England: a defensive fortification in Roman Britain. Built 122 AD, the first of two fortifications, the second being Antonine Wall. It is opn national cycle route 72, a UNESCO world Heritage site (1987). Most popular tourist site in N. Eng, most important monument built by Romans in Britain.

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Roman Fort Ruins on Hadrian's Wall: Housestead was one of many forts built along Hadrian's wall to protect the Roman empire from barbarian tribes in northern Great Britain. (Photo Credit: Skyscan/Corbis)

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