Paint an old window screen!! Mine are red frames...this would be sweet!
Old Window Screen...with a prim crow & sunflowers.
Window Screen Bulletin Board : Pin-up old maps, photos, recipes...the possibilities are endless!

Window Screen Bulletin Board


How to Paint on a Window Screen

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20 Ways to Get a Fixer Upper Makeover (Without Being on the Show)

Adding Shadows to Window Screen Text | Prodigal Pieces |

How to Paint on a Window Screen

Old Sign Stencils "Coffee" Window Screen
Recycled window screenDandelionFloral Painting by RebecaFlottArts

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Grandma's Window Screen Pie Safe... Very interesting Website for Old Type Farm - Survival homestead

15 Excellent DIY Backyard Decoration & Outside Redecorating Plans 13 Painted Metal Barrels

Painted window screen

Do It Yourself (DIY) Ideas

With a scant amount of paint and light pressure, you can turn your window screens into works of art. This art form can fool the eye. When you look through the screen toward a light background, you may not see the design, but if there is some shadow or darkness the painting becomes apparent. Screen painting works best when you build colors...

How to Paint Designs on Window Screens

Recycle Screen hand painting Flower Art by RebecaFlottArts on Etsy

Made TO ORDER -Recycle Screen hand painting ,Flower Art, Repurposed Window screen Art, Wall Art

With two old window screens and some wooden boards you can create a shelf and wire perch for your container garden.

Upcycle Window Screens for a Hanging Herb Garden

painted window screen...what to do with my antique screen
Could do this to the front door or front window screens
Painted window screen White sunflower  outdoor porch decor

Painted window screen, White sunflower , outdoor porch decor hand painted on window screen