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SANO FLOOR PLUS 2 IN1 СРЕДСТВО ДЛЯ ПОЛА С РЕПЕЛЛЕНТОМ ПРОТИВ ТАРАКАНОВ ЗАПАСКА 1Л Производитель: Sano Израиль Артикул: 7290102990269 Средство для мытья полов 2 в 1 с репелентом от тараканов без пестицидов, Идеальное средство для всех типов напольных покрытий, в том числе плитка, мрамор, линолеум, ПВХ. Обеспечивает тщательное мытье полов. Содержит…

SANO K300+ СРЕДСТВО ОТ НАСЕКОМЫХ 630МЛ Производитель: Sano Израиль Артикул: 7290000288352 Содержит мощную формулу для периодического профилактического лечения против насекомых Эффективно уничтожает все ползающих насекомых, особенно тараканов DIY с K-300 и сэкономить деньги Спрей в кухонные шкафы (не на продукты питания), под раковинами, сзади и под холодильниками, в и вокруг мусорных баков, в трещинах и углах и…

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The Best Roach Killer – How To Kill Roaches In Just One Week!

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Actual Roach Balls 1 cup borax 1/4 cup granulated sugar 1/4 cup chopped onion 1 tablespoon cornstarch 1 tablespoon water Make a paste of the ingredients and roll the paste into little balls. Place two or three balls into a sandwich-size plastic bag and leave the top open. Place the bag anywhere you have a roach problem. The roaches will eat the balls and carry them away. The bugs die at home,

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Get rid of roaches with catnip

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1 part Borax + 1 part powdered sugar = no bugs in my home! The sugar draws them in, the borax kills them. I put it in a fine line around the base of my house (outside) and on little cardboard rounds inside. Not a single pest and this is roach country. I feel kind of guilty it worked so well...

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This Is An Effective Way To Destroy All The Cockroaches In Your House!

There is no doubt that none of us likes to see a cockroach in the house, but apparently, they are not easy to be destroyed. Namely, they can vanish and reappear again soon. Moreover, they leave a horrible odor after them, and the commercial products on the market against cockroaches are simply loaded with dangerous […]

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If you have roaches you can get rid of them without using harmful chemicals.

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11 Killer Ways To Get Rid Of Roaches Without Harming You

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