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7 Ways to Preserve Fresh Basil - Pinetree Garden Seeds

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Never Waste Fresh Basil Again With These Tips for Preserving It

Never Waste Fresh Basil Again - Preserving Basil

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Surprisingly, both cilantro and basil freeze very well. After cutting the leaves, preferably in the early morning while they are freshest, we mix them with a small amount of olive oil... just enough to coat the leaves. They are then packed into freezer bags and frozen for later use. The olive oil makes it really easy to separate the frozen leaves and also adds an extra flavor to the mix.

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Preserving Fresh Basil

Grandma's Secret To Keeping Basil in the Fridge for 1 Year. Use on sandwiches, in sauces, or soups

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How to Preserve Basil Leaves in Salt and Olive Oil This is the best idea I've seen in a long time.

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The Best Ways to Preserve Basil — Herb Gardening 101

This is the best way to preserve fresh summer herbs like basil.

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Finally! I can preserve all that basil I have growing for enjoyment during winter time. I tried drying the leaves and it was gross.

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How to Freeze Fresh Basil and Ideas for Using Frozen Basil

For years and years I've been trimming my garden basil, freezing it, and then using the basil all winter in soup, stew, and pasta sauce, and this post has all my tips for successfully freezing basil. [from]

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Preserving Fresh Basil (Redhead Can Decorate)

My hubby was on Skype with his sister in NY last Saturday night. I was being nosey minding my own business while making sauce & meatballs while they chatted. Turns out, she was making sauce too. Imagi

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Homemade Pesto Recipe

Pesto will last up to a year in the refrigerator when preserved this way, you could also place the pesto in either 1/2 pint containers or fr...

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