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WHEN your kids ARGUE…what do you do? Here are some GREAT tips to help you! Get Along Jar: Creative Discipline to Combat Sibling Bickering by Heather Riggleman at @The M.O.M. Initiative

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Sibling Rivalry: A 4-Step Peace Process to Stop Kids' Fights!

Hey, Moms: You CAN stop sibling rivalry and end sibling fights! Here's a 4-step peace process for your family that's easy to implement that actually works at calming heads--and hearts. #parenting

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How to Deal With Sibling Rivalry Effectively Infographic

How to Deal With Sibling Rivalry Effectively Infographic

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Acts of Kindness Jar – Acts of kindness for siblings

20 acts of kindness for siblings - A fab free printable to encourage siblings to live in harmony and reduce sibling rivalry.

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10 Tips and Tricks to END Sibling Rivalry

Tired of listening to your kids bicker and argue? Here are 10 Tips and Tricks to END Sibling Rivalry and help you have a more peaceful home. -

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Siblings Without Rivalry on

Siblings Without Rivalry Quick Guide for Busy Parents on

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Creative Consequences for Kids

Creative consequences for kids...ideas from the experts and the trenches. Never again find yourself disappointed with the age-old "time-out."

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Are you causing sibling rivalry?

Is sibling rivalry driving you nuts? Tired of the arguing? Your response matters. Learn how you may be causing sibling rivalry (and how to stop!)

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What Is Positive Parenting - Discipline Your Kids The Happy Way

A practical article on dealing with non-stop sibling rudeness. {From a Christian perspective} More

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Six Parenting Mistakes that Fuel Sibling Rivalry

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