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33 of the Best "I Wasn't That Drunk" Texts

Sounds Like Someone Had One Too Many Butterbeers...

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RyanDude you were so drunk last night! | What!? Was not! | U picked up my little sister and shook her saying 'dora! How did you get out of t...

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Funny Drunk Text Messages | ... blank+tv+and+laughing+dr+heckle+funny+drunk+text+messages.jpg

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Funny drunk texts hahahahahah!!!!! :D

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The Daily Dip: Funny Pic Dump #13

The 25 Best Drunk Text Ever -

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I feel like this entire thing including the name will happen many years from now lol

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15 Of The Funniest Drunk Text Conversations Ever

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This Teacher Forces Her To Answer Her Phone In Class On Speaker, And Instantly Regrets It

Paper Plate Drunk Text -

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33 of the Best "I Wasn't That Drunk" Texts

I Wasn't That Drunk Texts, Ranked Best to Worst

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These Classical Paintings Have Been Completely Transformed By Adding Funny Drunk Texts

23 Drunk Text Fails

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