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"Хмель" - первая часть популярного цикла романов об истории Сибирского края - воссоздает события от восстания декабристов до потрясений начала XX века. Всего же действие в трилогии "Хмель", "Конь Рыжий", "Черный тополь" продолжается свыше ста лет. Роман написан А. Черкасовым, в дальнейшем работа была продолжена в соавторстве с П. Москвитиной. Вторая книга известной трилогии Алексея Черкасова и Полины Москвитиной рассказывает о событиях, происходящих во время Гражданской войны в Красноярске и…

Правила гражданской обороны во время войны (ИНФОГРАФИКА)

Blue city on Garden. Krapivin B

Tale of the Blue City on Garden, Bronze boy. This is good, intelligent works of contemporary children. They create an amateur film studio with a camera and fearlessly engage in a struggle for the honor and dignity of their peers. Bronze boy - a fascinating story, in which there is an encrypted email from a friend of the deceased mother, and the fate of people puzzles. who lived a long time ago, and the story of the old Russian frigate Raphael. And a boy Quintela,

Новиков-Прибой М.С. Цусима.

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Радичков, Йордан Жестяной петушок

The author of this book, a native of New Zealand, in whose veins flows the blood of Maori, an excellent knowledge of Maori language and the languages of the Polynesians. Knowledge of local languages and allowed to become an expert in the history of this part of the globe, a connoisseur of legends residents distant Oceania. Based on excellent knowledge of folklore, as well as archaeological materials

The book shows the composition of natural and waste waters, the fundamentals of chemical, sanitary-bacteriological and technological quality assessment of natural, drinking and waste water, examined the effects of water chemistry of materials, given theoretical justification processes natural and waste waters, and describes the methods of technological and operational control these processes.

The collection contains works of Soviet science fiction (D. Bilenkina - "The power of the strong," Melnikova - "One of the days of creation" and Rybakov - "trial balloon"), stories of foreign fiction (A. Azimov - "Ugly boy" F. Dick - "From the depths of memory," Slizara G. and H. Ellison - "The only way"), as well as in the section "Reading the article E. Parnov" Star dizziness. "

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Visual Companion by J. R. R. Tolkien and Jude Fisher (2001, Hardcover)

The book-album dedicated to the film `` The Lord of the kolets`` and its heroes. Excellent quality printing, a lot of photos from the movie.