Defrost Confetti Prank… Hell yes I'm going to do this! Might do it with my crush's car loooool :D
I am definitely gonna do this to my boyfriend some day! I would love to see him freak out over it
Funny car memes Banana car
Paint in eggs to toss at a time canvas as opposed to ballons filled with paint amd popped
Prank using party poppers and some tape. ~~~ I would honestly feel so special if this happened to me

April Fool's Day Prank War

office prank idea.. Post its just became old news!! @stefaniemegna
Some funny jokes to play on your friends. We don't actually recommend doing them, but they are funny to think about.
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Engine whistling?

post it note somebody's car... eh, maybe.... but somebody's HOUSE?!?! OH HECK YEAH!!!