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Prepare to be disappointed, golf ball. I Rock Bottom Golf #rockbottomgolf

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I love golfing in the rain, because then no one can see that I'm crying. E-card

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This is how I mark my golf balls so everyone knows they're mine the funniest new meme website

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That's What Friends are for...

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Golf - the adult version of an #Easter egg hunt. No wonder why we find golf so fun! #golf

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I seriously have to have this for my house! So Clever #GolfLife

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And get angry and make everyone else around you angry and uncomfortable.... I have 2 great Business opps. Online Magazine Advertising. Make $7,000 over & over.. and GOLD. just trade you worthless paper money for GOLD

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Let's just say I look pretty funny year round but even funnier in the summer and fall...

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Funny Golf Pics and Cartoons -

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Funny golf humor for today! :D

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funny golf sayings | Brdie App - Free golf news app on your phone

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LOL - Gotta love those greens! Brought to you by - promotional products for your business.

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What is your golfer name? #golf More

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Best Funny Golf Memes - Funny Memes at Slapwank!

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If it goes right, it's a slice. If it goes left, it's a hook. If it goes straight, it's a miracle. #golf #golfing #funny

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