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25 Funny Harry Potter Quotes

25 Funny Harry Potter Quotes #Harry Potter Quotes #Funny

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33 "Harry Potter" Tumblr Posts Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Bless the Harry Potter fandom. -- click link in case of desperately needing to laugh your ass off

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At first I got a sick feeling in my stomach and wanted to punch somebody for reminding me of that evil lady. Then it was funny.

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Oh Dan…

the longer you stare at dan the funnier the picture gets! it's let: harry potter and the stick of fire. LOL! ;; Dan my man

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Community Post: The Best Harry Potter Humor On Tumblr

This made me laugh so hard!!! Oh my gosh I cant stop laughing

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25 MORE Hilarious Harry Potter Memes | SMOSH

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Funny Harry Potter Lucius Malfoy Tom Felton Rupert Grint

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22 "Harry Potter" Puns That Are So Bad They're Good

This joke even adults find funny. | 22 "Harry Potter" Puns That Are So Bad They're Good

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Never noticed that....but then again I never noticed how the act of Laundry is done by wizards...

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In Honor of Harry Potter's Birthday, May We Present "Snapes on a Plane" and Other HP Funnies.

Funny Harry Potter Pictures – 45 Pics

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