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why did you lie to me quotes | Why we lie in a relationship


why did you lie to me quotes | why_do_you_lie_so-140174.jpg?i


why did you lie to me quotes | ... lie better than unvarnished painful truth? I don’t know. What do you


why did you lie to me quotes | Exactly! Don't lie to me, trust is easy to lose and you'll never get ...

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It’s Not The Lie That Bothers Me

It's not the lie that bothers me. It's the insult to my intelligence that I find offensive.

You ain't gotta lie to kick it. In all honestly karma will get you for the bitchy and trashy behavior you display.

I know I fucked up. My lie fixed something that was broken for a reason. He was a dickhead. And at the same time I cursed myself right out of your life. If I had told the truth you guys would have broken up and we would still be talking. And you would probably be my girlfriend right now. You would not have stayed mad at me because he already knew and how could you be mad at me for telling the truth.

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Cute quote.

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