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Budapest, Hungary Jewish victims of Arrow Cross men in the court of the Dohány Street Synagogue./Скрещенные стрелы Party was a Hungarist party led by Фе́ренц Са́лаши which led a government in Hungary from 15 October 1944 to 28 March 1945. During its short rule, ten to fifteen thousand civilians (many of whom were Jews) were murdered outright, and 80,000 people were deported from Hungary to various camps in Austria

Публичная казнь лидера венгерской партии «Скрещенные стрелы» Ф. Салаши в Будапеште

Скрещенные стрелы антисемитов

Hungary, Bodies of Jewish men, women and children, victims of the Arrow Cross Party, on the ground. - Hungary, Persecution of Hungarian Jews, 1938-1945 (Part III).


Cover of a notebook made of prison garments. Lund University. Voices of Ravensbruk.


Budapest, Hungary, October 1944, Jewish women deported out of the city.


Like I said - they blasted off on July 16- 1969- my birthday & 4 days later - historic headlines..History was being made right before our eyes.


Budapest, Hungary, Identification of corpses in the synagogue courtyard on Dohany St. in the ghetto. - Hungary, Persecution of Hungarian Jews, 1938-1945 (Part III).