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Bind runes From (#RP, haven't verified information)

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dorka-in-a-fairy-tale: I’m seriously considering getting the “create” and the “transcend” triangles as tattoos on my knuckles.but I will wait at least one year, just to make sure that I’m not high on symbolism or it isn’t just another wild idea of mine.

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1315598811Manifest_4.jpg 600×942 Pixel — Designspiration

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Magical symbols of the Elves*** I like wishfulfilled Wonder if these are forreal

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Small Tattoos With Meaning | And here is a small gallery of pictures of Chinese Tattoo Designs :

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small meaningful tattoos tumblr - Google Search

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Small Tattoos With Meaning | Findcom Search Results Small Tattoo Symbols And Their Meanings

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Mazer Creations: Magical Symbols

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Cancer Tattoo ♋ - Astrological symbol of Cancer, the constellation of a crab. The crab served Hera and was ordered to kill Heracles. When it failed, Hera placed it’s image in the night sky, as a...

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