Circular wedding ceremony seating (I especially like the half circle seating!)
Chairs setup semi-circle style to create a more inclusive ceremony setting
Circle ceremony setup

Creative, Elegant Wedding from Jules Bianchi

Wedding in the round...guests surrounding instead of behind!  Love the placement of the wedding party.

Unique Ceremony Ideas: Ceremony in the Round

This is a wedding ceremony.. so original, love the spiral aisle!  How fun for the bride to walk by each individual guest!
A circle of love - and everyone feels closer to the moment.  What do you think?
A ceremony circle represents the continuation of friendship and connection to each other and the people who have supported you throughout your lives. Standing in the center of all of the people who are there to love and support you will make your ceremony really intimate and special.
Seating in the half circle for outdoor wedding ceremony. Rent the White chairs
Circle wedding ceremony link
Why this works? Circular seating, just like a wedding band; represents continuity, intimacy, romance, involvement and closeness. 
This works because everyone has a unique view!  This particular set-up creates a 4-way entrance which leaves your guest in suspense.  Which aisle will the bride enter? With four different entrances, the bride can select her aisle separate from the bridal party.