Woman, Wife, Mother and a Professor: Self-centered People - Quote

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Stop being self-centered

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Poopsie » People need to learn that their actions do affect other people

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Self Centered People | Ever notice that inconsiderate people are too self absorbed to care

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People that truly love us are aware & concerned about our happiness in life. People that are self-centered want us around to make them happy

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some people really should take this advice to heart.

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This sounds like someone I dated once- we just were toxic to each other. Letting them go was the best choice I ever made, for both of us. I never would of met someone who is absolutely perfect in my eyes.

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There will always be that self centered person that always talks about themselves, will never ask how you are doing or never give you a chance to speak unless it pertains to them- And these people assume to know it all? Cut the bait if they cant give anything back- Freeloaders

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And it says so many things....insecure, immature, shallow n self centered....but we n many already knew that about you.

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The definition of, "snooty and snobish." Kind of rates right up there with know-it-all statements like, "No offense, but the truth hurts & I'm just being honest."

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