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In the footsteps of Sally Mann and Emmett Gowin—honest, touching portraits of a childhood spent amidst the simple beauty of nature in the Midwest


Самый неоднозначный американский фотограф – знаменитая Салли Манн

Sally Mann was born in Lexington, May 1, 1951. she is one of the most famous photographer of U.S.. She has got numerous awards, including awards of the National Foundation for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities, and Guggenheim grants.


Салли Манн, Sally Mann. Черно-белые миры Салли Манн. Фотографии Салли Манн.

Sally Mann, Virginia at 6, from series Immediate Family, 1991


Excerpt from the attached essay Sally Mann: Proud Flesh: "Rhetorically circumnavigate it any way you will, but exploitation lies at the root of every interaction between photographer and subject. Larry and I both understand how ethically complex and potent the act of making photographs is, how freighted with issues of honesty, responsibility, power, and complicity, and how so many good images come at the expense of the sitter, in one way or another." So much to think about here...