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Still of Ray Stevenson in Dexter - Hmmmmmmmm........

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leather jacket-pose - ray-stevenson Photo

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Ray Stevenson - not only is he really tall (bonus points for amazons like me!), but a hottie on top! I have loved him in everything since I first fell for him as Titus Pullo on "Rome" (still pissed they cancelled that show). Ever since, he's had had some fun and interesting characters. Definitely fits the "Hollywood Hotties" list!

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Ray Stevenson. Just extremely handsome.

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Dagonet in King Arthur - ray-stevenson Photo

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Dexter's Ray Stevenson to play Blackbeard in Black Sails season 3 ...

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Ray Stevenson ~ loving him so much on Crossing Lines right now. As soon as they got to Scotland Yard and he walked out as Miles I screamed in glee... he is perfect in so many ways.

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