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An underrated and under used pattern these days. The Lady Ethna By Jay Loftus

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Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt FLY HOOKS

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Some size 16 Table Rock Caddis. Love the @flymenfishingco caddis bead heads. #blueridgecustomflies #flytying #flytyingaddict #flytyingjunkie #flyfishing #nymphhead #troutbum

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Jarkko's secret weapon. Today he caught a 82 cm salmon with this tiny fly tied on a double hook. #flyfishing #flytying #salmonfly

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This is a Baxter House Exclusive Custom Pattern - Our guests know that this pattern is always part of our guides nymph rigs. Every year this one fly out fishes

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Midge Gallery - Fly fishing and fly tying

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