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DIY Wood Pallet Pumpkin Trellis #woodpallets #diy #gardening

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Growing pumpkins requires 3 things: space, heat, and ample water. Learn how to grow pumpkins successfully no matter how much space you have!

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How to Grow Pumpkins on a Fence

Grow pumpkins vertically to make them fit in small gardens: Choose a small pumpkin variety to grow this way, because a large pumpkin can take the trellis down. Plus how to grow, plant and harvest.

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We planted a vertical pumpkin patch in our tiny urban backyard

a vertical pumpkin patch in a tiny urban backyard | Offbeat Home

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The strength of this design is amazing. My honey is wanting a grape trellis, I will probably use a similar design.

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Build a trellis. Using sturdy materials like 2 x 4’s and hardware cloth, you can fashion trellises for all of your climbing and vining edibles, making more room in the ground for vegetables and herbs that tend to bush or clump. Small pumpkins, summer squash, cucumbers, peas, and green beans will love scrambling up the trellis, and they’ll be easier to maintain and harvest when their long vines are elevated.

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Pumpkin hammock - Each pumpkin vine had been trained up a metal pole, its lone fruit deposited on the net for safekeeping. The pumpkins, poised over a Lilliputian garden world (“hills of parsley, valleys of lettuces, rivers of origanum”), are meant to symbolize the daily course of the sun.

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How To Build A Squash Arch

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