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Exactly Who America needs in charge. A man of God.... who ask for the people to pray for God to heal our land. ❤ Thank you, Sir

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Good quote.. this President mightily disappointed his own Party to do right by America.. and got assassinated..sad #politics

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Proud Republican

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Quotes: "To anger a #conservative, lie to him. To anger a #liberal, tell him the truth." ---Theodore Roosevelt.

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"If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under." - Ronald Reagan #quote #wisdom

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Not a feminist, old news. Today's feminist are biased toward men. <-- Same, and I'm an anti-feminist by TODAY'S standards. However, I'm a true feminist in that I believe men and women are created equal.

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Oh how some people forget history that it was the Republican Party that abolished the atrocity that is slavery.

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Winston Churchill---wow he must have known some christian/republican/teabaggers

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I am Conservative! I believe in; personal responsibility, low taxes, limited government. #legit

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Doesn't it feel this way sometimes?

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