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How to Use Mothballs as Snake Repellent

How to Use Moth Balls as Snake Repellent

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Borax 20 Mule Team Has Tons Of Uses, but one of the best ones is keeping SNAKES out of your yard and home. Just sprinkle this around perimeter of home every 30 days. Cheap and easy to find at Dollar Store or Dollar General.

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Plants that repel snakes... If you're not an admirer of snakes, plant these at every place possible!

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SNAKE DETERRENT - Snakes are about and this is a fantastic recipe, and according to Allan Burnett who has done huge research on this. Its much more efficient than the vibration devices, here is the recipe using eucalyptus and T/Tree oil, to keep away the snakes!

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Cabela's: Snake Fence Barrier~like this for Costa Rica camping. :) I soooo want this for every camp trip going forward!!!

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Bonide "Snake Stopper" Snake Repellent, 4 lb. - Tractor Supply Online Store

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SNAKE DETERRENT – If you have snakes about this is a fantastic recipe. If your wanting to look after your pets and family, You can spray it along property boundaries, pathways, rock walls, or around the house, sheds, garages, aviaries, etc snakes do not like open spaces and will most likely be found along fence lines, back doors, around house and shed foundations. See our blog for lots more info and where to get the ingredients

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How to make your own all natural snake repellent! More info here:

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Well THIS is interesting! DIY?? Active Ingredients 0.96% Cinnamon Oil, 0.56% Geraniol, 0.37% Castor Oil, 0.18% Peppermint Oil, 0.18% Clove Oil

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Plants that mosquitoes don't like

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