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Контрольный ремонт on Vimeo

Уютный дом на колесах из старого школьного автобуса

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Various Gifs 2013 by Markus Magnusson

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Script / Storyboard / Creative Direction: Wonderlust Illustration - Dmitry Stolz Animation:Vladimir Marchukov Sound Design:Daruma Audio

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Every story needs a great soundtrack. Find your soundtrack at Studio: Wonderlust ( Creative Direction: Wonderlust Animation: Ryan Rumbolt Illustration: Fabrizio Morra Script: Ryan Rumbolt and Bedtracks Sound: Bedtracks

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Running man

Running man by Nikita Melnikov

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Yes, another Onlife Project (we like them and they like us!). This one was pretty straightforward—we needed to create something that showcases their mobile application. We chose to focus on the many capabilities of the modern cellular phone, then bring it back to how Onlife’s app can help people live healthier lives. The art direction was pretty simple, show everything from the perspective of a person looking at their phone. It was particularly fun to come up with, and bring to life, the…

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AT Connected on Vimeo, nice illustration based piece. »Cummulus & Nimbus is a, let's say … lengthy 5 second project.« We had this idea for a character, Cummulus. He was meant to be a mascot, something funny for our reel. But the longer we thought about what he could do, the more gags and characters we came up with and the whole thing grew into a fake cartoon intro thingy.

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