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Love this color
Curly hair girls: I do something similar to make my very curly hair more wavy! It works really well, I just take a few small chunks in the front and start at the root, smooth to midsection then curl it up, holding flat iron vertically, and let it go.  I do a few random strands towards the back and I wind up with a smoother look without losing most of my curls.

How To: Soft Flat Iron Curls

Loose Curly Hair
Great layout to get the most out of a small space...this is all the space needed to access a tub and it allows for a nice long vanity! {i liked the arrangement although I don't like bath tubs, they waste water a lot}
Super easy updo hairstyle tutorial for curly hair: Separate a section on top of your head down to around your temples. Give it a twist at the back and pin it in place with bobby pins. I like to leave it loose to keep some volume on top. Next take a section of curls near your left ear and twist them over and around the first bobby pins. Pin them in place with bobby pins. Depending on how much hair you have, split the rest of your hair in 2-4 sections. Twist each section up into a loose bun…
Kind of 90's, but kind of pretty! Hmm...I like it. Might try it sometime.
We’re back with more adorable wedding hairstyle tutorials from Hair Romance! This time they’ve brought us more styles for curly-haired ladies and long-haired goddesses, and even flawless looks for the gym. To get the full scoop on these overly cute wedding hairstyle tutorials, click on the links for some easy-to-follow steps! Enjoy these inspiring braids […]

Wedding Hairstyle Tutorials by Hair Romance

Loose, curly up-do

Private Workshop