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желтый и оранжевый размытые огни

Happy Holidays from ModCloth -

Sparkle: the lights are blurred out creating a sparkly look

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Glittering lights

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Remember that life is wonderful! :)

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šuηšhïηε More

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color scheme for a hotspot map

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This guy's blog is full of things like this

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Stop hiding in the shadowy lies of uncertainty, hunting confirmation and affirmation and validation before living your truth.You already know what needs to be said. Say it. You already know what needs to be done. Do it.Declare your destiny and distractions.Unearth the force that moves you to freedom. We need you here - powerful and truthful and free. Straighten your crown and take your place at the table. ~ L'Erin Alta

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Ellen Jantzen #trees #imeshmktg visit and click I LIKE on FACEBOOK:

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How to Capture Blurred Lights: Bokeh Effect

Make lights change shape with homemade Bokeh filters |

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