3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Number Talks: Resources for starting daily number talks in the classroom

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Number Talks Posters: Hand Signals and Communication

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During mini-lessons and Guided Math, I am ALL about manipulatives. Base 10 pieces, unifix cubes, cuisenaire rods – give me all the math things. Especially in 1st grade, manipulatives offer a concrete way to represent a number and their thinking. At some point, this concrete thinking has to begin to transition into abstract and mental math processes....

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Free!! Number Talks (math talks) basics and questioning/conversation strategies.

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Number Talks: How and Why?

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Number talks are a great way to get your students involved in meaningful mathematical discussion! This poster shows the hand signals that are used as part of the number talks routine. It includes both an English and Spanish poster.

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Addition number talk strategies

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Number Talks Posters: Hand Signals and Communication

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number chats, math supplements, exit tickets, printable practice, first grade number chats, number talks

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Great routine to help kids think about numbers without punching them into calculators!

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