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Heart Button Art Tutorial

Heart Button Art Tutorial

no link - just for inspiration
Sister Personalised Heart Button Art Print - Birthday / Christmas Gift by ButtonsandBobbinsUK on Etsy

Sister Personalised Heart Button Art Print - Birthday / Christmas Gift

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You could do this for V-day, St Pat's, 4th of July/Memorial/Veteran's Day, Christmas, Halloween, Hanukkah... just about anything with the right buttons in the right shapes.
This brilliantly colored bracelet was designed and handcrafted, by me, using Bronze Clay. Each button started out as a ball of clay and was transformed into a rainbow colored solid piece of bronze. Three Bronze Clay heart buttons with complimentary patterns and patinas are on the front and on the back one circular button holds the bracelet together - there are two button holes to choose from to ensure a good fit. If you are not familiar with Bronze Clay, it is a soft and malleable clay that…

Brilliant Bronze Three Heart Button Bracelet with Soft Brown Leather