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Quick Solutions for Panic Attacks

Quick Solutions for Panic Attacks - Simply Stepping

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As someone with bipolar disorder I can’t tell you how many times I have been told that a hobby would be good for me. I took this to heart for a while. I have started many hobbies. Most I have done for about five minutes each.

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23 Signs You Grew Up With Depression

Wow, it brings back of a lot of memories reading this. But it's also comforting in a way to know that these things I've felt and still feel aren't a reflection of who I am, just part of an illness I fight against every day.

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Как сохранить психическое здоровье?

15 способов улучшить своё психическое здоровье. Блог психотерапевта

Эмоциональное и психическое здоровье | Домохозяйка - Part 5

My bipolar diagnosis seems to come with a switch that someone else controls and my hypersensitivity causes the smallest of situations, words or actions, to trigger a mood swing.

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Психосоматика: как плачет тело за невыплаканные слезы!

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Нейробиологи уверены — старение мозга можно замедлить, если заниматься правильными хобби! Вот 13 самых интересных и полезных занятий для развития мозга.

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