Waitress Problems......I have soooo been there! Waited tables for years and it is one of the toughest and most unappreciated jobs out there. Its amazing how some people act when they're being waited on. And I totally think 18% tipping scale is fair

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This is how I felt yesterday

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When you’re juggling four different hot plates at once. | The 21 Best Server Memes On The Internet

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OMG this is perfect! How much do I NOT miss doing that shit for a living? Three guesses... :)

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The Amnesiac | The 17 Worst People Every Waiter Will Inevitably Serve

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So true! Especially when I haven't made a deposit for a while and I have a huge wad of tips...

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Happened the other night closed at 9 and table didn't leave till 9 40. I was so pissed off. Smh

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Anddd You say no sorry these are the rules- your boss happens to be right there (smiling& thinking your following the rules), then he says "Just give it to them " and your smile fades.

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Omg yes. One of my co-workers would totally understand this one.

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