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17 Issues Only Anime Fans Can Relate To

Those things that will literally keep me up all night while I cry

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otaku issue #1 I'm in love with anime characters and can't help there just so much smarter, cuter, hotter, and everything real boys don't have

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Otaku Issues

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Otaku Issues... Oh my god i hate that!! Or when you find out the character is actually from a game!!!!

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I hate to say it but I match up characters with real people and refer to them in my mind as that character.

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Otaku issues #131... saying at 12:00 pm and when you notice it ... 2:30 am XD ^ Can SO relate.

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I mean seriously, why didn't my high school have a cultural festivale and a slew of adorble clubs?

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17 Issues Only Anime Fans Can Relate To

I know the lyrics to the themes songs by heart but have no idea what they mean!

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17 Issues Only Anime Fans Can Relate To

Yeah I wish I lived in an anime or manga,it would be fun as hell lol

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