No matter what workout you’re doing, hair in your face is a no-go. Here are 6 easy and practical hairstyles for working out that are more fun and creative than ponytails. // fitness // beauty inspiration // workout hairstyles // updos // hairspiration // hairstyle ideas // Beachbody //

6 Easy and Practical Hairstyles for Working Out

Knot Bun Hair Tutorial

Knot Bun // Hair Tutorial

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Good Looking And Practical Workout & Gym Hairstyles -Upside Down Braid

You Are What You Wear

These ponytail hairstyles will be of great help as they are extremely practical and still look cute. Moreover, with our ideas of sporty ponytails you will be able to walk out of the gym and run your errands not worrying about your hairstyle.

Wear These 18 Sporty Ponytail Hairstyles to the Gym

Check out these 4 ways to wear braids to the gym.

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Easy Summer Hairstyles | Her Campus

Easy Summer Hairstyles

1) I need to figure out how to do hair for my baby girl... plus I want to be able to throw my hair up into something like this... 2) So going to this style! :)

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Wear These 18 Sporty Ponytail Hairstyles to the Gym